If He does these 12 things, he will absolutely break your heart

If He does these 12 things, he will absolutely break your heart

While it’s true that when you start dating someone there’s no way to know how things will work out in the long run. But if you’re an (idiotic) optimist like me, if you really like the person, you immediately start picturing your life with them, whether you want to or not.

It’s almost impossible to start dating and not be wearing some Frenchified rose colored glasses.

You’re in love! Or at least, deeply in like, and all of your parts become attracted to all of their parts. While there’s no way of knowing how the relationship will go, there are some definite red flags that show up if you’re headed for heartbreak.

It can be hard to see them (however obvious they might be) when you’re dating someone new and in that first butterfly stage. But go around the block a few times (get it, girl!) and you’ll start to spot the same old signs that always seem to lead to unnecessary heartbreak.

If you are with a man who does any of these 12 things, be careful! There’s a good chance he’ll break your heart. 

1. He won’t call you his girlfriend.

If he doesn’t refer to you as his girlfriend, you aren’t his girlfriend, and you never will be. It’s just that simple.

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