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Moving On From A Cheating Boyfriend – 6 Things NOT To Do

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Moving On From A Cheating Boyfriend – 6 Things NOT To Do

Scenario – Reactions to Cheating

A tearful girl and two of her best friends sitting at a coffee shop:

Girl #1: He cheated on me I cannot believe it! HE CHEATED ON ME!!!

Girl #2:  Well, I can’t believe you just figured that out. He’s been cheatin’ on you for a long time.

Girl #3:  You don’t need to put up with that. You need to find you guy who appreciates you. I think you and James would be good together. I can set you up.

Girl #2:  Well, I think you need to make that no-good cheater pay and I have several ideas about how to do that

Girl #1: He is the third guy who has cheated on me. I guess all guys are cheaters.

Friends listening to crying woman at home on the couch

It is always painful when marriages or dating relationships come apart and usually far more painful for one person than the other. Cheating makes a painful situation so much worse.  It’s not just a matter of your boyfriend saying that he doesn’t want to be with you anymore; cheating is major disrespect. So, what do you if you’ve been cheated on? How do you get past the pain and get on to the next part of your life?

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