20 Signs a Shy Guy Has a Crush on You

The thing about the dating game is that at the start it’s all about trying to interpret little signs and hints. And for the most part, people express their attraction for someone differently. Some who are more confident and outgoing tend to go for the direct route of simply asking you out. But not everyone is blessed with such confidence.

Others try to drop hints in the hope that you’ll get the message (and it’s likely that you hardly ever do). And then there are some who prefer to just wait like a wallflower and hope to high heavens that you somehow magically like them back. Yep, this whole dating game is like a game of charades where everyone’s blindfolded and no one’s keeping score.

Now it all adds an even thicker layer of complication when you want to know if a shy guy is into you.

Common Traits of a Shy Guy

Ever since Cosmopolitan magazine started giving love advice, most of us women have had the notion that it should be the guys who should approach us first. Back in the day, this would have been the social norm. But these days, women can get pretty impatient, especially if they’re about 80% sure that the guy who likes them is a particularly shy one.

Since we’re talking about signs exhibited by shy guys who might like you, we need to keep in mind some of the traits of a shy guy. For starters, shy guys tend not to speak up often. They can be attentive listeners, but they usually prefer to be listeners instead of speakers. This applies for both professional and personal relationships.

Shy guys tend to be quite polite. This is usually because they would much rather give way and cause zero inconvenience instead of having to approach you to apologize for something.

Lastly, most shy guys keep minimal company. They won’t be the life of the party, but will instead keep the company of a few close friends whom they can freely talk to.

With those traits in mind, how CAN you tell if a shy guy is into you?

1. He often glances at you.

signs a shy man is attracted to you

You might notice this when you’re in the same circle of friends. He might not directly approach you or even talk to you. But every once in a while, you’ll catch him glancing your way. And when you do, his initial response would usually be to look away awkwardly because he got caught. It’s actually a common trop in romantic comedies when guys (shy or not) like a girl.

2. He doesn’t want to sit next to you.

how to know if a shy guy likes you secretly

When a shy guy likes someone, they usually prefer to keep a safe distance. This doubles down even more if the guy is both shy and deemed socially awkward. This is not because he’s repulsed by your presence. On the contrary, he actually likes your presence but just doesn’t trust himself enough to do and say the right things when you’re around.

3. He will give you the slightest smile.

A confident guy who isn’t shy about expressing his attraction for you will give you a bright, beaming smile from across the room. But when it’s a shy guy that likes you, he’ll probably just give you a slight smile before he looks away.

4. He can’t look you in the eye.

Looking someone in the eye is akin to trying to get their attention. With shy guys, they kind of want your attention, but they might be a little too shy to handle it. So he’s torn between wanting you to look his way and wanting you not to look at him as he fumbles for the right thing to say to you. So instead, to skip all the awkwardness, he’d prefer to look elsewhere and steal glances at you instead.

5. He stumbles across words when you talk to him.

Perhaps you’re the friendlier one who isn’t at all hesitant to strike up a conversation. When you talk to him, he might suddenly lose his tongue as he struggles to find the right thing to say that might impress you. Just keep in mind to take it easy on the guy. After all, he’s really into you and having the person he likes suddenly talking to him might make his heart rate spike up!

6. He blushes.

It’s so adorable when a guy blushes! Do you notice him trying to hide his face whenever you give him a smile? Do you notice him suddenly turning red when you say something directly to him? Maybe, even in his attempt to hide, you’ll notice his ears getting pink. That’s a pretty good clue that he likes you!

7. He adds you on social media and nothing more. how to know if a shy guy likes you without talking

There are two ways for you to become connected on social media. The first instance is when you add him on social media. You can just imagine his joy if you’re the first one to “make a move” online. If that’s the case, he could take this as an invitation to talk to you a little more freely online. Unlike real-live conversations, chat conversations take off a lot of pressure. This allows people to double check exactly what they want to say before sending it out. This would be typical of a shy guy who wants to eliminate all possibilities of a social faux pas.

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