A Must Read:-7 Factors Hindering Growth In Nigeria

People would say the only thing stopping an individual from reaching his/her goal is the person the individual sees in the mirror whenever the person stands in front of the mirror and that is oneself.

This means you are the only obstruction to your growth. This principle also applies to Countries, Nations and States.

However in the case of Nigeria, the person in the mirror is WE the PEOPLE of Nigeria.

The PEOPLE of Nigeria are the only thing stopping Nigeria from growing. This factor can then be divided into 7.

1. The Citizens

The citizens is one of the major factors hindering Nigeria’s growth, because we are Nigeria itself we are the ones in which the leaders are presiding over, we don’t know what is right or wrong.

If someone says it is right then it must be right, most of us want to move out of this country to already established countries.

How then can we grow? We don’t know how to ask for our rights if we are denied of them.

Some people don’t even know their rights; this is one of the reasons why Nigeria has refused to grow. How would the country grow when the citizens refuse to develop themselves?

2. The Leaders

This is a major growth hindering factor in any country not only Nigeria but the rate at which it is hindering our growth in Nigeria is unpalatable.

The leaders don’t even care about the country; the only thing our leaders care about is getting deeper pockets to rake in more money and how they would contest for 2nd terms or higher political posts if possible.

How can there be growth when the people that ought to bring the growth do not even care?

3. The Government

Another factor is the government; our leaders are different from the government. Our leaders are not necessarily the government;

the government includes those in power, civil and public servants while our leaders encompass those currently in government, the previous government and elder statesmen.

The government forget totally that they ought to be there for the people once they get to positions of power, all they have to think about is themselves and their family once they get in this positions.

These are the facilitators of growth in Nigeria, but the only growth they are facilitating is that of their bank accounts.

4. The Youths

Youths are supposed to be the sole of any nation, they should be the one to carry the nation to the promised land, they should be ready to use the vibe in them,

the energy that they have bottled up inside them to push the country further but the Nigerian youths are not ready for this kind of responsibility that is why we have the oldies in charge and they are not ready to hand over power may be because they are just too greedy or because they don’t trust the youth.

No matter the one which it is, the youths should exhibit more traits that we are ready to receive the mantle of leadership.

5. The Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs are supposed to be the backbone of the economy the economy is dependent on them; they should be the one to boom the economy. The economy of Nigeria is currently staggering because of their selfish attitude,

the only thing the entrepreneurs care about is profit maximisation, this should be their primary concern, there are other things they ought to be concerned about but that is not the case in Nigeria.

The only concern of entrepreneurs in Nigeria is profit and nothing else.

6. The Investors

These set of people have lots of work to do concerning Nigeria. Nigeria is totally dependent on them because they are the ones that can boost our economy and that is part of growth,

however most of them are scared of establishing business in Nigeria, because of the poor state in which Nigeria is in right now. The investors need to come into Nigeria, because with them, history can be made in Nigeria.

7. The System

The system is even more than a factor because it contains lots of things even more than the average Nigerian mind can fathom. It includes the educational sector, financial sector, economic sector ETC.

The system can be termed to be the whole Nigeria itself, Nigeria was based on some principles that were wrong.

An example is the signing of an agreement by our previous leaders that Nigeria should split after 100 years that is a totally wrong principle to base Nigeria on, but as at the time, it was the brightest idea.

The points listed above are the factors which are hindering growth in Nigeria.

Do you think there are other points? Or you feel some of the points stated above are wrong. Please comment below.

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