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“Ìkó oro Jo” (money making) an epic Yoruba movie full of suspence , spiritual war and many more

“Ìkó oro Jo” (money making) an epic Yoruba movie full of suspense , spiritual war and many more . Produced and directed by   Emmanuel Igwe in conjunction with Ajibade Solomon Ayodeji,

they are both students of Achievers University owo,ondo state … The young and zealous actor Ajibade Solomon Ayodeji is a student of international relations (400 L) in Achievers university. Known as a student of international, Solomon picked interest in acting and is so serious and zealous about it that he could neglect anything for the sake of acting …even though he has been part of different drama groups in school and church, he acted first in a film titled “ìkó orò Jo”(money making) which was shot in Achievers University owo, ondo state in the month of May and the film is now out for viewers… Also the young actor is not relenting in his work… He is looking forward to acting in other Nollywood films after this one… Solomon is known for his words” I won’t stop until I’m there” and by God’s grace I’ll get there. 


Download full movie iko oro jo.


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