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What can 9gist offer you?

Sponsored Content
Sponsored Content is editorially independent content that brand pays 9gist to be associated with.

An advertorial will have the brand provide either editorial direction or the content itself.

Product/Client Surveys
We run surveys for clients who want to know how the public perceive them or their products.

“Hypes” in articles
This is a strategic placement of “hypes” in our regular high traffic articles. It is an indirect endorsement that involves cleverly infusing a brand, product, or company in an article

Event Publicity
9gist offers pre and post event publicity and reports for brands.

Music and Video Promotion 
We Offer Cheap Music and Video Online promotion guaranteeing our clients massive downloads

Social Media Marketing
Via our Social Media platforms, 9gist can help market products and services offered by brands

Display Advertising
With our range of ad units, we take advantage of the every inch real estate around and within our stories, offering brands a canvas to reflect their brand vision. Our display advertising promises more measurable engagement when compared to traditional media.
As the industry moves away from simplistic digital advertising, we are offering advertisements and reporting that measure the data marketers truly care about.

9gist offers the following display units:
Leaderboard or header – 720 x 90
Half Page – 300 x 600
Medium Rectangle – 300 x 250
Square – 300 x 300
Small Rectangle – 300 x 100

 Note: With our Marketing strategies we do also  use Facebook, twitter campaign to promote our Advertisers

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